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When Henry’s beloved toy rabbit, Raspberry, goes missing, he enlists his whole family to help him search for the missing toy. But Raspberry can’t be found.

Then Henry’s grandfather suggests that Henry use his imagination to find his toy rabbit. Will the power of Henry’s imagination bring Raspberry back? Or is Raspberry gone for good?

In this heartwarming story about the love of a boy for his toy, children (and grownups) will see the power of visualization at work, and begin to understand the potential of their own imagination.

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the-power-of-henrys-imagination_The-Power-of-Henry's-Imagination-by-Skye-Byrne-and-Nic-George _interior sample_Page_1
the-power-of-henrys-imagination_The-Power-of-Henry's-Imagination-by-Skye-Byrne-and-Nic-George _interior sample_Page_2
the-power-of-henrys-imagination_The-Power-of-Henry's-Imagination-by-Skye-Byrne-and-Nic-George _interior sample_Page_3
the-power-of-henrys-imagination_The-Power-of-Henry's-Imagination-by-Skye-Byrne-and-Nic-George _interior sample_Page_4

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