The Making of
The Power of Henry’s Imagination

Listening to Grandpa concept
Early Grandpa & Henry study
Henry style concept
Star concept sketch
Pirate concept sketch

The making of The Power of Henry’s Imagination actually began a long, long time ago - in 1991, to be exact. That was the year Nic and Skye found themselves in the same class at Warrandyte Primary School, in the rural town in Australia where they both grew up. They were 8 years old.

Nic’s memories of Skye from that time are of her reading… always reading. Skye’s memories of Nic are of how cute he was, and how she once told the school principal that she loved him.

When they were 10 years old, Skye’s family moved into the city, and she left Warrandyte Primary School forever. She thought she would never, ever see Nic George again. But a decade later Skye got a phone call one evening. The voice on the phone said: “It’s Nic George.” When this was met with confused silence, the voice added, “From Warrandyte Primary School.” And right then and there, at age 20, the lifelong friendship of Nic and Skye was reborn.

Now grownups, they discovered that they were aligned in both their passions and their view of the world. So, they decided they would make children’s books together – Skye would write them, and Nic would illustrate them. One day they would do day.

One day turned out to be another decade later, when Skye wrote the first draft for The Power of Henry’s Imagination.

Here’s a look behind the scenes of the creative process for the making of The Power of Henry’s Imagination.

Contemplating the light
Imagining in the studio
Bouncing 'sunlight' in the studio
50in x 30in composition
Studio friends
More studio friends
Saltshaker snowcapped mountains
Attempting to create atmosphere (Dry ice)
Creating a universe scene
Drawing detail of Henry